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💰How do I add Litecoin to Litewallet?



  • Ueritjiua Erwina Kambamba

    I'm trying to send my litecoin. To altcointrader, but it saying I have insufficient amount... While I'm having

  • Patrick T Mcdermott


    As long as you send a Litecoin amount that covers the small transaction fee (mining) you should not have an insufficient amount. You can check the fee amount by touching the paper/pencil symbol that allows you to use: regular, economy, luxury. Each with their own speed and fees. Economy is the slowest and cheapest while Luxury is that fastest and most expensive.

    In 2022, All options are quite inexpensive options. 

    I personally choose Economy when It is not time sensitive.

    I hope this helps! 

  • Akansmog

    I recently tried sending some Litecoin using the app and it did I fact ask for a network fee but it seemed as though it was in the form of a donation to the Litecoin foundation the fee itself seemed minimal but that was the only transaction that happen the other party to whom I was trying to send $50 in Litecoin to never received it they required for me to send the full amount and did not accept partial payments, but after I paid the donation thinking it was the network fee and then hit the blue rectangle send button nothing happened to this day the litecoin is still on my account in the app it also displays what I thought was the network fee that I paid above my litecoin amount, the help directions say to subtract the network fee from your original balance but that doesn't make any sense when you have to enter the full amount your trying to send in the first place I have submitted requests buy haven't received any answer yet 


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